Horny Reunnion (Part 5)

" I'm gonna take a shower. "

" Wait up on me then. "

I noticed her smiling as I responded, the redness of excitement growing back in her cheeks. Without even looking in her eyes I could easily tell the words "shower sex" were flashing in neon lights inside her brain. Had she planned to lure me in? I calmly got up and went for the pile of my clothes we'd thrown in a corner last night and then put on my underwear and jeans, since I hadn't really thought of bringing clean spares. She then led me to the bathroom, her ass waving side to side with each step, a clear factor that she was very eager of what we both knew would follow. I could easily believe she hadn't been with a man in a long time, wanting it this badly wasn't like her at all. We hadn't seen each other in so long, there was a lot of pent up lust to catch up with.

Closing the door behind me, I then walked to her as she leaned over to turn on the shower. She took the time to check if it was the right temperature and I took it as my cue. I took off my clothes before stepping right behind her. My fingers slid over her hips and inside her pajama pants, I then pulled them down, brushing my fingers firmly against her flesh as I did. The sight of her naked ass from so close got me hard again right away and as she lifted her feet to let me take them off, I noticed a fresh stream of her juices begin to cover her slit again. I then moved my fingers back up her body, making a shiver rise up her spine as she stood straight once more. Moving up I began taking off her tank top, my fingers moving to her chest and then firmly against her breast, each finger flicking over her stiffening nipples in the process. She moaned softly, grinding her ass against my hard cock as she lifted her arms to let me take off the final piece of clothing.

She turned around to look at me, pure lust in her eyes, her lips pouted in a moan and her breathing gradually quickening. I leaned down and kissed her, her tongue eagerly moved in, twirling around mine before she pulled her head back, sucking on my lower lips as she did. I looked down at her and bit my lip, lust certainly filling my own gaze. Responding with an excited smile, she grabbed my wrist and quickly led me into the shower. Not letting me time to do anything, she grabbed washing lotion and a scrubber right away, preparing to wash my body.

Seems she was in quite the teasing mood. Her free hand gently brushed over my chest with barely the tip of her fingers, apparently trying to resist the urge to take hold of my cock. Her other hand first began by scrubbing my arms and up my shoulders, seemingly taking her time on each of my shoulders then she started scrubbing my chest in slow circular motions. Simply standing there and letting her have her fun, I could see her eyes jolting over my body stopping each time onto my shoulders and cock, which was just long enough to poke her belly button once in a while. She moved lower and lower, until she began scrubbing my cock, taking her time to clean it thoroughly, moving up and down with each motion and then between my legs, gently scrubbing my balls, which I'm sure she noticed made me gasp.

The redness of her face deepening, she moved closer toward me, her breasts pressing against my chest and her hand pushing down my cock between her legs to get closer. Although as she was a bit short and had to stand on the tip of her toes, so she pressed her breasts even more against me, her free hand holding onto my shoulder to help her keep her balance. She really took her time scrubbing my back. Her pussy now grinding my cock with each motion, she had to stop washing me each time a moan escaped her lips. The soap made it too easy to slide between her legs and I could feel her hips moving on their own, trying to take in as much sensation as possible.

Finishing up my lower back, she reluctantly got off my hard cock, gasping loudly as the head rubbed against her stiff clit. She took hold of the shower head and began rinsing off my upper body, her free hand brushing over my chest as she did, then over my shoulder as she rinsed my back. My upper body now clean to her liking, she grabbed my cock so it wouldn't poke against her and began kissing my neck. She then moved down to my shoulders, staying there a little while and I could feel her thin fingers gently stroking my cock. She moved down over my chest, kissing a spot here and there as she slowly knelled down before me.

Staring at my cock, I could feel her breath against the head, making it quiver with excitement. Giving my cock a wet kiss, she gently peeled off the foreskin and began kissing it deeper and deeper until she began taking it between her lips. At first it was just a little bit, her tongue flicking and twisting inside the hole at the tip, then she pushed a bit more inside her mouth, her tongue now teasingly flicking over my most sensitive spot, right at the base of my cock head. Finally she began taking the whole head inside her mouth, apparently unable to take in more as I was fairly big down there, her hand stroking the base of my shaft firmly, the other brushing over my leg and ass to tease me.

Her lips moved up and down my cock head, sucking on it each time she pulled her head back. Each time she pushed it in, her tongue seemed to move even more eagerly. What was a first just teasing flicks, was gradually turning into an erratic dance of licks over my whole head, often insisting on my weak spot. Her head bobbed faster and faster, the pleasure making me gasp loudly, numbing my brain until I couldn't take anymore. Taking her head between my hands, I gently moved her off my cock, not wanting to cum so fast. Reluctantly she grabbed the scrubber again and finished cleaning my legs, her eyes never leaving my cock. I'd almost forgotten about her cum fetish. She slowly stood up as she finished with my legs, her own legs trembling from how sensitive her pussy was by now.

" Your turn now. "

I looked down into her eyes, a horny smirk on my lips and grabbed her arm, making her turn around so her back was facing me. Placing the shower head back in it's place, the stream of water fell directly onto her breasts, making her body quiver as quiet moans escaped her lips. Not wanting to rush things, I started with her back. I was careful to take my time, up and down her back, then around her shoulders and down her arms, letting the anticipation build even more inside her as the water teased her hard nipples for me. Avoiding her more sensitive areas, I skipped right down to her legs. First her feet, then slowly up her calves, rubbing the soap in more as I massaged her legs with my free hand.

Knowing my face was so close to her ass seemed to only make her even more excited. She began waving her hips right in front of me right as I reached her upper legs, certainly in a hurry for me to touch her down there. Although I was beyond excited from both the sight and coming so close to shooting my load inside her mouth only a moment ago, I still chose to follow my teasing ways. As she leaned over almost instinctively, I gave her ass a gentle kiss, right next to her pussy, making her moan a bit more loudly. Scrubbing her ass cheeks and hips, her horny dance became a bit more wilder, but again I avoided any sensitive areas. Instead, I began slowly scrubbing her stomach, making gradually enlarging circles, moving close and closer to her breasts.

Moving her even closer to me and away from the stream of water, my cock now pressed with all it's hardness against her back, the erratic waving of her hips making the head rub against her. I wrapped my arm around her waist, holding her firmly against me so she couldn't tease me too much and make me loose focus. I moved the soap filled scrubber firmly over each breast, making the fibers rub against her nipples. With each stroke she moaned, the pleasure from just playing with her breasts making her body tremble and her legs threaten to give in. I played with her breasts for a while, enjoying the music of her moans, but I could tell both our desire had built plenty enough. Her breasts nice and clean, I slowly went down over her stomach, where I knew she eagerly awaited my hands, among other things.

With my free hand I grabbed her leg, understanding my intent she leaned more of her weight on my chest and wrapped her arms around my neck before helping me lift her leg up. She gasped loudly as I moved between her legs, rubbing the scrubber firmly against her quivering pussy. I rubbed deeper and deeper, letting the fiber drive her wild as I gradually lifted her leg higher until I could also rub her asshole. She was much more flexible then I thought. Her thighs cleaned up, I threw away the scrubber. Her hips were out of control, certainly from wanting to cum so badly by now, but I wasn't quite done with her just yet.

" We have to clean inside too. "

My fingers slowly slid inside her slit, making her moan my name. With careful movements I pushed them in and tried my hardest to spread my fingers inside her, helping out the cum that was still inside from earlier and last night. Drops of thick white goo began flowing over my fingers along with her juices, even with water washing it away it was a real river down there. I moved my fingers in and out a few times, using the pulse of her muscles to push out what was left until her lifted leg slid from my hand. She could barely stand on two legs by now even with my help. Seems now was the time.

" Want me to put it in? "

" Yes! "

She answered weakly between her wild breaths. I moved her against the wall, her breasts now pressing firmly against it's cold tiles, her pussy inviting me in with each waving of her hips. Not wanting to make her wait any longer, I grabbed the bottle of soap and poured some on my cock and rubbed it over. I wanted her insides to be nice and clean for today, this certainly wouldn't be the last round. My cock now lubed up with soap, I wrapped my arm around her waist again and guided my cock to her soaking wet pussy with my free hand. Slowly I pushed it in, her insides obviously still not used to my size, until I was all 8 inches deep, admittedly still amazed her tight pussy could take it all after so long.

I would have wanted to take my time, but her hips were moving wildly of their own, pushing my cock in and out deeply as stream of moans escaped her lips, more then loud enough to be heard over the sound of the shower. I began following her motion, doing my very best to control myself and keep giving her fluid thrusts. I had had plenty of time to calm down from her blow job a moment ago, but I wanted badly to make her cum, I couldn't let myself sink into pleasure just yet. Being careful to increase my speed inside her gradually, I leaned over her. Resting one hand on the wall, right next to her face to help me keep my balance, letting her hear clearly my every gasp and breath.

The sounds of my own ecstasy seemed to quickly push her over the edge, as her moans turned even louder in between yelps of pure pleasure. Her hips moved wildly over my cock, completely out of control as she reached closer to orgasm. Moaning right into her ear, I began pounding my cock deep inside her. Her whole body tensed up and she covered her mouth with one hand, needing the other to keep her balance. Intense pleasure jolted threw her entire body as she finally reached her orgasm, standing onto the tip of her toes and letting out a muffled scream into her hand.

Her legs finally gave in and she fell to the floor of the shower, the stream of water slowly washing off the soap and juices off my still hard cock. Leaning over a bit I caressed her cheek, smiling down at her as her powerful orgasm subsided, her breathing gradually slowing down. Taking my hand, she nuzzled against it a bit and gave me a weak smile, full of pleasure and satisfaction. Although she couldn't stand, she moved herself a bit closer to me, still smiling. She bit her lower lip and stared at my hard cock.

Taking it in her mouth, I could tell she'd longed to savor it again as she eagerly began bobbing her head over it. She stroked my shaft firmly as she focused on my weak spot, her tongue eagerly flicking and circling over it, before using the bobbing motion to give it strong licks. She wanted me cum in her mouth soon. Barely a minute passed and I was already at my limit. I felt my balls tighten up and my cock getting even harder inside her mouth. As I shot thick cum inside her mouth, she kept in as much as she could, still teasing my weak spot with her tongue as she sucked on it, swallowing every drop.









Horny Reunnion (Part 5)